This site presents the original electronic music of Aziraphal; composer, producer, classical pianist, creator of various media soundtracks, Java programmer and developer of free mobile applications from Slovenia.

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Hello my friends! I'm returning to my piano and classical roots, so my electro-symphonic alter ego will take one loooong break. Here I leave you with all my best synth works of the last 15+ years to enjoy. Interesting projects will be posted to YouTube from now on, so go ahead and subscribe!
Freedom Unlimited

Cover design by Vasja Ferrari
The Little Match Girl

Cover design by Visage

In Search of the Harmony Horizon

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All music available on these pages is Copyright (C) Aziraphal 1994 - 2016 and is intended for your private listening only. It may be used as soundtrack or sample material for non-profit purposes providing full author credit is given; please provide a link to this website and/or my YouTube video channel in your project credits.